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Wakayama Model Course


World Heritage Sites in Wakayama


Points of Interest

Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine http://kumanonachitaisha.or.jp
Nachi Waterfall
Nachisan Seiganto-ji Temple


Hashikui-iwa Rock

From the seashore of Kushimoto toward Oshima, various sizes of over 40 strange shaped rocks are rising up in a row of about 850 meteres. Such strange spectacle as if only bridge piles have been left is in Yoshino Kumano National Park designated as a national natural treasure. Legend says these rocks were set overnight by Kobo-taishi and an ogre who tried to win the race to built the bridge faster.

Taiji Kujira-hama Park:

Kushimoto Marin Park:http://kushimoto.co.jp/english/

Takehara: Near Katsuura fishery port. Very delisious eatery. On weekend customers wait for being served in a line outside. Katsuura fishery port boasts of its No.1 harvest of raw tuna. Fresh tuna is served with local recipes. Phone 0735-52-1134
Isshin: Sushi and Japanese cuisine. Enjoy various dishes of tuna. Phone 0735-52-5734

Yamaga: Tuna Domburi(tuna over rice in a bowl). The chef here never fails to serve delicious tuna and whale meat. Phone 0735-52-3117

Ikora-tei: Seafood eatery. Many delicious dishes of tuna, whale, and other seafood. Phone 0735-52-1046


Hompo Kujiraya: A wide selection of processed whale and tuna. It's an excellent idea to take some home. Phone 0735-52-0088
Taiji Gyokyo Super: Run by local fishermen's association. Whale meat in reasonable prices. Fresh whale meat availble from autumn to spring. Phone 0735-59-3517
Nachiguro Sohompo: Black colored candies look like Go(Chinese chess) stones. Everybody's favorite souvenir of Kishu-ji. Phone 0735-59-3900


July 14: Machi Fire Festival. Periodical big festival at Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine. One of three major fire festivals in Japan. Legend says Gods all over the places come back to Nachi Waterfall on July 14.


The 4th Sunday of October: Again Kumano Pilgrimage.

Promenade of Kumano Pilgrimage is reproduced with the former Heian attire.


The 1st Sunday of November: Taiji-ura Whale Festival.

Performances of local entertainments. Whale meat is sold as well as many other products by local associations and groups.


Koyasan Okuno-in

Kongobu-ji Temple
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Museum Reihokan Koyasan
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Kumano Hongu Grand Shrine


Nanki Katsuura Hot Spring
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