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Arashiyama, Yunohana, Kitaku, Nagaokakyo Area


One-Day. Ryoan-ji Temple-Koryu-ji Temple


Points of Interest

This course shows you the beauty of Japanese gardens in temple pricincts.

Don't fail to visit the dry landscape rock garden of Ryoan-ji Temple, the five-tiered pagoda of Ninna-ji Temple in this area.



Sangen-in Temple: One of subsidiaries of Ryoan-ji Temple.

It's located by the pond of Ryoan-ji Temple. Tofu pot dish is very popular. Phone:075-462-4742

Hishii: Located in front of Koryu-ji Temple. Kyoto cuisine, Phone:075-872-5151


Kyo-komono Kinugasa: In the neighborhood of Kinkaku-ji Temple. Unique quaint boxes from Heian era(8th-12th century). Phone:075-461-2631


This course is typical of sightseeing in Kyoto. Scenery of the mountains changes from season to season. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature throughout the year.


Ryoan-ji Temple


Ryoan-ji Temple
World Heritage Site.
Famous for its rock garden.
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Ninna-ji Temple
World Heritage Site.
Built in 888.
Cherry blossoms in spring.
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Myoshin-ji Temple
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Houkongo-in Temple
Also called as lotus temple.
Viewing lotus in July and August.
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Kouryu-ji Temple
Its Budda statue is National Treasure.
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