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Arashiyama, Yunohana, Kitaku, Nagaokakyo Area


Half-Day. Matsuo-Jizoin


Points of Interest

atuo-taisha(Matsuo Grand Shrine) and Saihou-ji Temple sit among natural surroundings. Suzumushi-tera Temple, Take-no-tera Temple, and other unique temples are also located in this neighborhood.


Fruit Parlor Daidai: Fresh fruit. Phone:075-882-2883

Koke-no-chaya: Buckwheat noodles and Japanese sweets. Phone:075-381-3191



Souvenir shops line up along this course.


Walking along the river, you can enjoy beautiful scencery all year around.


Kegon-ji Temple
Kegon-ji Temple (Suzumushi-tera)

Matsuo Daisha Shrine
The oldest shrine in Kyoto. >click here

Kegon-ji Temple(Suzumushi-tera Temple)
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Saihou-ji Temple(Koke-dera Temple)
The garden is famous for its beautiful moss.
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Ikeno Taiga Museum

Jizou-in Temple(Take-no-tera Temple)
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