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Tango, Miyazu, Other Area


Half-Day. Historic Miyazu


Points of Interest

Miyazu was a castle town. The route from Catholic Miyazu Church to Kyu Mikami-ke House reminds you of those old days. The recommended walking route is from Wakinomiya-jinja Shrine, you walk down to and pass through Sakurayama Tenman-gu Shrine, and pass along Hayashi-ke House down to Fukuro-ya Shoyu Shop.


Shirofujiya: 3-minute walk from KTR Miyazu Station. Delicate Japanese sweets. One for 158yen. Sweets here sell well for tea ceremony. Phone:0772-22-2062

Seiyo-ken: 7-minute from KTR Miyazu Station. Casual dining. Wester food restaurant.


Fukuro-ya Shoyu Shop: 3-minute walk from Kyu Mikami-ke House. The shop has a history of 300 years. Dark soy sauce here is brewed through authentic process. Phone:0772-22-2068


Tango-ya: 10 minute walk for Catholic Miyazu Church. Local souvenir of gifts made of Tango Chirimen (or crepe silk).


Azalea at Nyoi-ji Temple in April.

Fruit picking in Kyotango-city Kumihama from End/June to Beg/Sept.

Fresh seafood especially famous Matsuba-gani(crab) from November to March.



Nyoi-ji Temple


Gosho Inaba-Honke
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Nyoi-ji Temple
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