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Tango, Miyazu, Other Area


Amanohashidate and Sake Brewery


Points of Interest

Bus service: Leave Miyazu Station at 8:45. Arrive Kinosaki at 16:17. March1 to December20. Reservation required. Bus fare may vary.

The route goes through Kasamatsu Park, Ine Bay tour, Funaya-no Sato Park, Kyouga Misaki, Naki Suna Museum, Homeland for Oriental White Stork, and gets to Kinosaki Hot Spring. Passengers can get off at any of KTR Amino Station, Kumihama Station, or JR Toyooka Station, if they want to.


Shikizen Hnano: 10-minute walk from KTR Miyazu Station. Sushi, Tempra, and other Japanese cuisine. Japanese garden view Phone 0772-22-0206


Gozen Akura : 3-minute walk from KTR Amanohashidate Station. Casual dining. Japanese dishes. Phone 0772-22-2101


There are 4 Japanese-style cafes in front of Chion-ji Temple. Local sweet 'Chie-no Mochi'(or wisdom dumpling) is sold at those 4 cafes. It's said that you'll aquire extra wisdom after you eat this dumpling.

Souvenir shops, dried seafood stores, and restaurants line up along the street to KTR Amanohashidate Station.


Mid/April-End/April: Azalea (Miyazu: Shishizaki Inari-jinja Shrine. Yosano-cho: Ungan Park)

Mid/June-Beg/July: Hydrangea(Maizuru: Maizuru Shizen Bunkaen, Fukuchiyama: Kannon-ji Temple)

August: Sunflower: Yosano-cho


Amano Hashidate


Hakurei (Sake) Brewing Co.
Tel : 0772-26-0001


Tel : 0772-25-0015


Catholic Miyazu Churce
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Kyu Mikami-ke house
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Chion-ji Temple
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Motoise Kono-jinja
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Kasamatsu Park
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