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Takarazuka, Arima, Kobe Area


Half-Day. Exotic Kobe


Points of Interest

Kobe is a fashinable city with the mix of the old and the new.

The city boasts its rich natural environment of the Rokko Mountains. Stroll the streets in this sophisticated port town, you'll soon love its exotic atmosphere.

Kitano Ijinkan( Houses of foreign residents): A wide selection of dishes from all over the world.

Nankin Machi(China Town):You can enjoy a large variety of Chinese cuisine.

Wakkoqu: Phone 078-262-2838

Sizzling Kobe Beef stake! http://www.wakkoqu.com/english/index.html

Enjoy shopping in the exotic atmosphere.

Stores under JR Overhead Railway: Unique folkcrafts, textile, shoes, and sundry goods at reasonable price.


Kitano Meister Garden: Phone 078-200-3607 http://kitanokoubou.jp

You can enjoy variety of Kobe Brand confectionery.



Kobe Luminarie: Mid-December to December25

Streets are beautifully illumated. Very romantic.


China Town Spring Festival: Festival is held on the new year day of Chinese Calendar. Whole down will be wired with bamboo crackers and vigourous lion dance.



Nunobiki Herb Garden
Nunobiki Herb Garden

Nunobiki Herb Garden
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Kitano Ijinkan
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Kitano Meister Garden
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Kobe Muslim Mosque
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