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Ogoto Hot Spring Area


One-Day. Scenic Town Katada


Points of Interest

A large variety of highlights such as temples in Mt. Hiei, stone hedges is Sakamoto, Ukimidoh in a historic village Katada.

Lake side is a scenic drive route. Turning leves are worth viewing.

uruki Soba is representative of soba restaurants of Sakamoto. Try Turuki soba by experienced chefs, from which Enryakuji-temple exclusively procures.

Farmer's Table at Biwa-ko Ohashi Kome Plaza: Phone 077-573-8035
You can buy local organic food here such as fruit and vegetables, Omi rice, processed food, jam, homemeade ham, green tea.

November 10-30 : Turning leaves in Sakamoto
November 10-30 : Turning leaves lit up in Sakamoto
November 18-23: Turning leaves and Ishizumi-no-sato tour. Turning leaves are worth viewing after mid-November.
For information: Sakamoto Tourist Bureau. Phone 077-578-6565



Sagawa Museum
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Botanical Garden of Aquatic Plants
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