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Otsu, Hiei Area


One-Day. Yoshinaka-dera Temple-Seta River Cruise


Points of Interest

Historic Otsu, Seta, Ishiyama districts were loved by Matuo Bashoo and Murasaki Shikibu. Seta at dusk and autumn moon in Ishiyama are part of Omi hakkei, 8 scenic places in Omi area.

Senshinryo offers local cuisine "Tankai no Gozen" made from freshwater fish. Pnone 077-537-0066

Sakamotoya has specialized in Funazushi, sushi with a freshwater fish, since Edo era. The restaurant is also known for its variety of pickled food from Lake Biwa. Phone 077-524-2406

Otu Festival: October 7/8
Turning leaves are the most beautiful in mid-November.
[info] Biwako Otsu Tourist Bureau : Phone 077-528-2772


Iahiyama-dera Temple
Iahiyama-dera Temple

Setagawa River Cruise
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Ishiyama-dera Temple
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Kanoushoujuan Sunaino-sato
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