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Chuwa Area


One-Day. Murou-ji Temple-Ishibutai Burial Mound


Points of Interest

Strolling around Asuka area, you'll learn the ancient history of Japan. This route is very popular among visitors from overseas.

You can try some dishes of ancient days in Asuka Village.

Restaurants along Yamnobenomichi serve Miwa somen( or thin noodles). Cold somen in summer, hot somen in winter.



Various kinds of flowers and cherry blossoms being in full bloom, Asuka in Spring is the most beautiful.

There are always some events at Manyo Bunka-kan all year around.


Kashiharajingu Shrine Kashiharajingu Shrine


Muro-ji Temple
Built in 8th century.
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Hase-dera Temple
Built in 686.
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Abe Monju-in Temple
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Tanzan-jinja Shrine
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Asuka Historical Museum
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Nara Prefectural Complex of Man'yo Culture
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Ishibutai Burial Mound
Built in 6th century.
The biggest rock burial mound in Japan.
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Kashihara-jingu Shrine
Built in 1890.
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