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Kawaramchi Nakagyoku Area


One-Day: Wabi Aesthetic in the Way of Tea


Points of Interest

Visiting museums and places in this course, you'll feel the Wabi aesthetic in "the Way of Tea or Chado", which was perfected by Sen Rikyu. You can also see Rikyu's favorite kinds of Chado tools.


Saraku: Daitoku-ji Temple Koto-in: Phone: 075-431-2005

Try Japanese green tea and sweets while enjoying a peaceful gardenview of the temple.



Oharibako: Japanese sundries. Phone: 075-495-0119

Matsuya Tohbei: Since Edo Era. Japanese confectionery.



Daitoku-ji Temple: Rocks and sand garden. Beautiful green leaves in summer. Turning leaves in autumn. Water lilies covering the pond from summer to autumn make a serene picturesque view.


Koto-in Temple

Raku Museum
Built in 1978.
Raku chawan-bowls are exhibited.
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Mushan-koji Street
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Kyogashi Shiryo Kan
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Built at the end of 16th century by the son of Sen Rikyu.
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Chado Research Center Galleries
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Daisen-in[Daitoku-ji Temple]
Built in 1509.
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Koto-in Temple
Built i 1601.


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