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Kinosaki, Yumura Area


One-Day. Tajima Daibutsu-Daijo-ji Temple


Points of Interest

Yumechiyo-kan: Museum of a famous movie "Yumechiyo Diary."

Toji-kan: You can see the process of brewing Japanese Sake.

Refresh Park Yumura: A leasuire complex. Outdoor hot springs, indoor baths, Cafe and a restaurant.

Tajima Pasture Park: The largest pasture park in Japan. Fun events all year around. Skiing in winter.

Kasumi-Turu: This Sake brewery has its long history in Tajima district.


Arayu Tamago: Try to boil your eggs in hot spring water.

Restaurant Kaede: Tajima Beef steak

Hamada: Tajima Beef croquette

Haruki soba Teppen: Buckwheat noodles. Classes for making noodles are available.


Hamasaka-town boasts the largest fishery of crab and squid in Japan.


Tochi-mochi: A little bitter rice cake with nuts.
Tajima Beef: Well known local brand. Melt at fairly low temparature.
Matsubagani(crab): Matsubagani has a delicate taste. Female crab is especailly delicious.
Hotaruika (squid): Hamasaka boasts the largest fishery of squid in Japan.

Ago-chikuwa( fish paste): Bamboo-like shaped fish paste.



Kohmi-en: Try smoked ham and beef tongue. European airlines serve Kohmi-en's smoked ham for in-flight meal.



Ueyama Kougen Eco-Museum: Nature museum sits in the Ueyama highlands where black bears and golden eagles inhabit.

Tag-of-war Festival: June 4. Come and see an incrediblly huge rope of 100-meter long with 50-cetimeter diameter.

Illumination: You'll enjoy beautiful illumination planned by a leading Japanese lighting designer, Motoko Ishii.


Baikamo Park: Baikamo, alga, blooms from May to September.


Yumura Hot Spring
Yumura Hot Spring

Yumura Hot Springs
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Tajima Daibutsu
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Daijoh-ji Temple
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