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Takarazuka, Arima, Kobe Area


One-Day. Mt. Rokko-Port Island


Points of Interest

Music Box Museum Hall of Halls Rokko: Concert museum exhibiting mechanical intruments such as antique music boxes.

Rokko Alpine Flora Botanical Garden: Approx. 1,500 kinds of alpine plants grow here.

Rokko Garden Terrace: Enjoy the panoramic view from Kansai International Airport to Akashi Kaikyo Bridges on the observatory spot. Some shops operate at the site.

Kitano Ijinkan( Houses of foreign residents): A wide selection of dishes from all over the world.

Nankin Machi(China Town):You can enjoy a large variety of Chinese cuisine.

Akashi Sakana-no -tana shopping center(Fish Market):

Enjoy fresh fish from Seto Inland Sea.

Marin Peer Kobe: Tons of popular band items at outlet price.

Suma Grand Tea Ceremony: Mid-May (info:078-303-1010)


uma Noh: August (info: 078-303-1010)


rokko farm
Rokko Pasture

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Rokkosan Pasture
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Rokko Garden Terrace
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Tasaki Pearl Plaza
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UCC Coffee Museum
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