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The Kansai region of Japan includes the cities of Kyoto, Nara, and Himeji, where you can learn about Japan’s ancient history and culture while experiencing the beauty of the four seasons.
Osaka, Kobe, and other urban areas are showcases of modern culture and home to numerous tourist spots, and also offer the opportunity to enjoy shopping and dining out.
Ryokans and hot springs are unique parts of Japanese culture, providing the chance to encounter a side of Japan that cannot be experienced through sightseeing alone.
Please use this site to find a ryokan that’s perfect for you.
Once you decide on your accommodation, make a direct reservation!
We hope you have a memorable visit to the Kansai region!

Introducing the Kansai Region Himeji Castle Kinkaku-ji Dotonbori Biwako lake Mt. Koya-san Todai-ji Temple
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